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and now my friend it seems we've reached the end   
03:58pm 20/05/2011
mood: disconnected
Good old livejournal
I've kept you for almost 8 years
you hold so much of my life
so much I would have never remembered
a lot I'd rather never remember
you are absolutely riddled with wonderful and horrible memories
everything that shaped me into who I am today

but I'm afraid it's time I leave you
this place is dead
and far too full of haunting memories

it's time I start new
I have a new journal on wordpress
a new book chronicling the life of me

I feel I need to leave the past where it belongs
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first post of 2011   
11:27pm 06/01/2011
  once again

I feel




just about to hit 4 years


and the hole is still there

It will always be there

I've come to terms with that much

God I feel lost




bring on the panic attacks

how ever did I get here?
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oh the lonelies   
04:59pm 24/12/2010
  Everyone is so lonely it seems

I never realized it before
all around me are nothing but lonely-hearts

sad as it is, it makes me extremely happy with myself,
I haven't really felt lonely since high school
and I know I never will.
I've been self-sufficient for quite some years now
and it isn't going to change

how sad it must be to need someone else to make you happy
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08:47pm 22/09/2010
  The collective known as Random Encounter played their first show under the new lineup.
We originally intended on playing 4 songs or so; a total of 12 minutes but we were given a half hour time slot, so a few more songs were added. Therefore we were rushed into actually learning about a 4th of what we need to have down for EXPcon. Seeing as we managed to do that over the course of a weekend, having only had one practice prior(exactly one week prior) I think over the next two weeks we can manage to learn what we need to.

The show was swell. The stage was teeny tiny & creaky with cute little red lights. A good number of people showed up even though several of the invited were unable to make it. We had a few "hiccups" but we sailed through them quite smoothly. Kit lost his place during a song so he decided to use the opportunity to motivate the crowd & got them swaying their arms in the air. I still didn't fully know how to play a certain song so I just BSed through it and no one seemed to notice. Anon broke the borrowed drumset but that was just epic. It doesn't get any more rock & roll than that. He managed to fix it anyway so all was well. People cheered and actually liked us :D we were thrilled to learn that people very much enjoyed the original songs.

Now we look forward to EXPcon on Oct 8th, however the future promises more is in store for us; more shows, a tour, a music video, an EP or possible album. The adventure has begun.

I love the band. They're a great bunch of guys. The chemistry was instant with the new guys. It's like we've always known each other. I can't wait to have great adventures with them all :)
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09:02pm 14/09/2010
  splurged on plywood & chisel tools for my printmaking class. Apparently they didn't have any birchwood smaller than 8x4 feet. Sure I spent more $ than I would have liked, but when you break it down it was actually a pretty fantastic deal and now I have a buttload of plywood to last me the rest of the semester and beyond.

excited about printmaking class tomorrow.
16x20 woodblock color print of ANYTHING I want :D
oh creative freedom, true bliss <3

I love my classes so much this semester.
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12:55pm 12/09/2010
  is amazing  
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05:05am 12/08/2010
  am nocturnal  
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thanks Alex   
01:11pm 18/04/2010
  "Human beings are born with two diseases: life, from which we die; and hope, which says the first disease is not terminal."
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more about the rats   
11:01pm 01/04/2010
  They're freaking adorable.

My room is somewhat decent so I let them run around for a nice long bit then put them back. They escaped after I cleaned their cage so I just let them run around. They're so crazy! They somehow managed to climb onto my futon and I was just minding my business when I hear a noise and I look to see Amelie is on my computer tower on my desk! How the crap did she get up there!?!?!?

They freak out and run whenever I move after spotting them. I gave Seeley a noodle and she's just been runnng around with it...I think she finally ate it...either that or it's hidden somewhere in my room.

Earlier she managed to crawl under my sheet so I just see this little lump moving along my futon under the sheet...I just saw Amelie grab a noodle from the dish in the cage and run off with it...I hope they're not hoarding it in my room like Domino and Iko would...annd Seeley totally left a noodle under my pillow...great looks like I'm gonna have my own little easter egg noodle hunt in my room

haha! Amelie is under the sheet now and Seeley is trying to figure it out...oh these silly rats

if you want a pet that will make you smile, get a couple rats and let them loose in your room haha. Just make sure it's rat-proof!
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It's raining pretty/ ugh finals...   
01:54pm 04/12/2009
  Sooo blah

I just want to chill and enjoy the rain
but I have quite a bit of work to do for finals
and I've already fallen a couple days behind

today I absolutely must:

-finish my 2-D design final project
it should be fairly quick and easy now that I nearly finished the first part
the assignment is to replicate a "master work" matching the colors exactly
then making 2 other copies, 1 significantly brighter and the other darker
I saved the colors I mixed for the first one so all I need to do is add black and white
I was fortunate enough to talk the teacher into letting me use a Hewlett work :)
My colors aren't exact (as paint dries a different color than when you apply it...)
but the teacher said it was close enough so I'm not gonna put any more effort into trying to
match it. I got way too much else to do.

Actually if I finish that project today I'll be ahead of my original hw schedule, yay

-watch City of God & take quizzes for Art as Interface
easy stuff

I'll leave the weekend for working on my new paper skull and 2-D design manual

apart from that all I have left to do is to finish my 3 self portrait skeleton drawings I started and make 2 more.

Everything is due Wednesday. It's nice to think that after the weekend I'd still have 2 days to catch up on anything I may be behind on for finals but sadly it never quite works that way. Monday and Tuesday fly by before I know it. I lose most of Monday to school too..ugh

ah well, somehow I'll manage
it's not too awful much work, not like a 6 page research paper
but the thing is you can BS and cram a research paper in a couple days or in some cases one night. My art projects can't be done in that manner, they require lots of time you can't fake =\
Luckily I do draw pretty fast...I'll be able to manage it
Somehow I always do

and I've finally got my completed schedule for next semester
thanks to Jaro as he's the one who basically did it all for me

I got
History of non-western Art
3-D design
Intro to Computer Art (online)
and I believe the last one is Intro to Digital Media or something like that

fun times

now to kill the procrastination beast and work on my homework for today...*sigh*
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